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Heat pumps

The heat pump is a thermodynamic equipment. Its operating principle is very simple: the equipment attracts the calories of the outside wind in order to transfer them directly to the pool’s water. It can be installed in pools that are being built or in the ones already built.

The new technologies of the current heat pumps make them very efficient. It is necessary to compare the power and the COP or Coefficient of Performance in the same conditions of temperature and hygrometry.

It is the most used system to heat the pool’s water and it offers a wide variety of heat pumps suited to the specific needs of each pool, meeting the highest demands of quality.

Electric heaters

Easy to set up and use, with a very competitive price, the electric heaters heat the water quickly, they’re compact and autonomous.

Depending on the size of the pool and the use, there are different thermostats: there are mechanical thermostats and digital thermostats.


The exchanger uses the heating circuit of your home to heat the water of your pool. Very affordable, they’re also very efficient and they ensure a quick increase of the temperature.

In order to choose the appropiate heat exchanger you have to take into account different parameters, depending on the size of the pool, the intended use, the temperature of the main heating.

Automatic covers

The automatic covers made of rigid slats available in different colours and materials displaying a very elegant pattern.

The floating slats cover the entirety of the water area and ensures the highest security for users (people and pets) against falls.

Very comfortable to use with its engine system in the axis that allows to open it and close it with a button.

Avoids the heat loss and extends the time of use during the year, adviced with any type of heat equipment.

It decreases algae formation and has a lower need for maintenance.

It is specially made, adapting itself perfectly to the shape and needs.

In Codepsa we are direct installators with experience.

Manual covers

The manual covers can be made with polyethylene, reticulated polyethylene foam, in PVC.

There are many blueprints according to your needs:

Those used as a protection and security against falls (persons and pets) that have an anchorage system in place.

To keep the temperature of the pool and even to extend the season.

There are, nowadays, a wide array of equipment in order to produce and/or dosing the product in order to treat and disinfect the pool’s water with the possibility to have a domestic automation.

Some of the most used equipments in private pools are

Dosing systems

Automatic Ph and Redox regulation, equipped with a dosing pump, it adjusts the Ph by adding the liquid product Automatic Ph and chlorine equipment, equipments with an automatic injection by means of the control by a Ph and Redox probe that dosifies depending on the results of their own analysis.

Saline electrolysis, disinfection by means of a simple principle that looks like the behavior of the sea and its ecosystem: the water of the pool is slightly salted with 4 gr. and through a cell the salt turns into gaseous chlorine, a powerful disinfectant that dissolves instantly in the water. The gaseous chlorine destroys the microorganisms in the cell and it provides the pool with an appropiate level of free chlorine. The active chlorine that is erased under the effect of the solar UV is renewed constantly by the cell without the need of any intervention.

Treatment with automatic magnesium combines two natural minerals, the magnesium and potassium to disinfect the water of the pool providing an unmatched bathing experience.

This patented system is composed of a treatment cell, a filtering tool, crystal glass and the minerals that are contained within the magnesium and potassium.

Its benefits are a pure and crystal clear water of an excellent quality, soft for the skin and the eyes and completely environmentally friendly.

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