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Maintenance technical assistance

We are specialized in pool’s maintenance whether its technical maintenance or cleaning. Know more about our activity:

Pool maintenance

The recreational use of pools is getting more common. However, these installations could involve a sanitary risk for the people that use them if they are not properly prepared or if the quality of water, which worsens with time and the use of it, is not periodically checked. This issues have an impact on the health of the people that use the installations.

Our maintenance service allows us to guarantee you that you’ll have your pool’s water always transparent and crystal clear, with the proper quantity of chemical products, taking care that the purifying system is in optimal conditions and always coordinated with the technical service. Guaranteeing a specialized service.

We perform 2 types of work that are the following:

We carry out:

o Cleaning the pool’s bottom
o We check the filtering equipment
o Water analysis

Technical service

o Reparation of equipments
o New installations
o Covers and heating

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