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Natural pools

In Codepsa we have the best materials for natural pools.

Pools with quartz sand

It is a coating for pools that provides a natural finish, adjusting it to the ambiance of your home creating a unique object. Choosing the shape of the pool following your personal style, shaping the pool bed to fulfill any specific bathing need, decorating every corner of your paradise.

Its materials provide warmth and well-being, a great selection of beautiful colours for the pool’s bed with the possibility to customize its own colour and a great variety of quartz’ stones with different width and colours, giving different textures to the finish.

The pattern creates relaxing areas like a simple edge that can turn into a wide seat, its beach entries are the favourite place of swimmers and kids.

It is a very strong and resistant material, a bonding layer made of liquid grout. The natural materials it is made of and their technologic compatibility streamline the process of obtaining the building permits.


It can also turn into your personal spa thanks to the possibility of adding whirpool baths, geysers, aero massage, swimming areas next to the water enriched with beneficial minerals such as the Himalayan salts. Sand pools have many advantages, among them:

o Great visual impact, thanks to its finish.
o Exclusive and customized design.
o Internationally patented technology.

The heart of the Biodesign project is the patented building process itself, it uses a coating made of sand extracted from natural stones that is manually shaped over a system of structural nets and it is then applied over a biological and waterproofing sheet that is very elastic. The result is a great structural robustness and a very elastic waterproofing, unlike the traditional pools. Combining natural stones like quartz and marble that add a wide array of chromatic reflections, we can build pools and lakes that remind us of the white sand of the exotic islands, the intense green of mountain lakes or the colours of the most beautiful beaches of the world.

But the advantage that the technology brings forth is that related to seasonality; thanks to Biodesign, the patented structural technology, these pools acquire heat naturally: the particular shape of the pool reduces the total volume of water without reducing the surface. Furthermore, the stone absorbs the heat and transfers it to the water, that warms as well, reducing the maintenance costs. In the colder periods they acquire the traits of the natural lakes, adapting to the changes in the garden or the landscape where they are placed according to the different seasons.

All this is carried out without any particular problems regarding its maintenance, because the filtering systems allow to suck up the leaves that fall into the water in autumn and they don’t suffer the harshness of winter.

It is not needed to use civil engineering nor the use of concrete, there is no need to get a major construction building permit that is not always easy to obtain.

Impress your guests with your natural pool

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